Client Testimonial from Julie and Bryan Cotterill of Colsterworth, Lincs.


"Through the dog’s eyes"


Dear Peter

Just a note for you to read.

Hi Peter it's Toby here.  You may remember me I was "Toby from the block" a medium little Heinz 57 terrier.  I have had a rough start in life.  

I was on the street with my "homies" when I was picked up by the local council and taken to a pound my leg had been broken and not fixed properly so now I  Have a slight limp.  I was on death row about to be put to sleep until I was rescued by a Halfway Home.

One fine day a family came and took me to their house but I misbehaved u see and was taken back the re homing centre .

I was sad ....

Then one day a couple came and looked at me in m kennel.  I put on all the charm big big sad eyes and they were hooked.  But like you said I knew what I was doing.  We were taken to the meet and greet room and I laid it on in spade loads.  Like you said the were trapped I was BOSS!!!!!!

Big mistake on their part!!!

They took me to their lovely home I was on the sofa in their bed generally running riot, barking at the neighbours, aggressive on my lead, hating other dogs and children and men and ladies and uncle Tom Cobbley really!!!!!

After a nightmare visit to the seaside for everyone because I was so aggressive and a general pain in the bum my mum and dad did consider taking me back the Halfway Home (shock horror!!!)

Exhausted after we all got back home from our day trip my mum went a googling and typed in aggressive behaviour in dogs and Yo!!!! Like a shiny beacon your website appeared!!!!!

The next day my mum contacted you and we arranged a visit for Saturday.

Saturday arrived..... It started...... The new me........ Ahem...... You knocked on the door......bedlam.....shut in the kitchen.....knocked coffee over.....let back in the room......Bark bark bark...... Then it happened........ The magic word.......and other things( the humans know wot!!!!!)

Dint like you much

Afterwards after training on my lead a knew calmer me emerged I walk to heel....hurrah......I don't sleep on the bed.....I am not on the sofa....I have m own crib....  My basket.

On your last you brought your lovely dog Monty we did training together I no longer barked or was aggressive it was lovely for all to see.

I am now a chilled and happy Toby enjoying life to the full no longer having to waste my energy protecting my mum and dad ‘cos they protect me and I am no longer the boss they are and it's lovely no more stress and anxiety.

I am no longer Toby from the hood I am a chilled and happy boy. But I am work in progress!!

So people if you need doggy help Peter is your man!  My mum and dad says if they had not seen it with their own eyes they would not have believed it you are a genius. Or as its said in my world "the mutts nuts"

So from the bottom of our hearts thank you from me but most of all from my new Mum and Dad.

Lots of love and doggy snuggles


And Julie and Bryan x