I've worked with a number of rescue organisations, including: North Wales Golden Retriever rescue; Cairn Terrier Rescue: Joeys Legacy (Boxer Dog Rescue - Liverpool) and miniature Schnauzer Rescue.

"Hi Peter, Just to say a big thank you for the training yesterday, really enjoyed the whole thing. Mini is responding brilliantly to the training just the correction sound and the commands. We walked her today and what a difference my friend, a pleasure to walk...she has responded so well, I can't believe it's the same dog. Will keep you updated on her progress but the training is worth every penny, Thank you. Hillary is passing your number to a lady she met at the hairdressers who is having issues with a small rescue dog. Thanks again, training is top notch". Kevin Barry (Retired police officer, training officer) Liverpool. (Mini is a 13 yo Jack Russell was a stray in Ireland and re-homed from the Dogs Trust, Mini was extremely reactive to other dogs.)

Hi Peter, quick update on Teddy.

The difference in our house is phenomenal. Ted is doing so well with the door control and he now automatically waits for permission to go through, his recall is brilliant (now) and he rarely shows any interest in the gate now. The (new) diet is working for all three and has diminished any aggression between the dogs. We have a calm and happy household. Thank you so much, I’ve already recommended you to two people who are contacting you. What an amazing experience this has been.

Amanda and Darren. Audenshaw, Manchester. (Teddy is a two year old Shorkie Shih Tsu X Yorkshire Terrier, he was barking and growling at visitors, he would jump at and snap at hands, particularly as the visitor left and were shutting the gate he would lunge at their hands on the gate latch. They were having a real problem getting him to come in from the garden, particularly last thing at night.)

"Hi Peter, Thank you for your brilliant advice and training methods Billy and Benji are different dogs now. It’s great to see them under control and it’s a pleasure to take them out.: no more barking. We are amazed at the positive results in such a short time. Many thanks and kind regards Sheila & Ged Williams" (Irby, The Wirral)

" Hi Peter its Paul Williams here. You came to see me and my dog Milly yesterday. I'm just calling to say thank you, I feel like I've got a new dog. she's been a dream. People I meet out walking think she's been hypnotised or sedated and she seems so much happier and relaxed. I also changed her diet like you recommended and she's loving it. So once again thank you very much." (Paul Williams, Wigan 19/07/2018)

"Hi Peter you came to see us and our Vizsla Hector last year. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how things have improved thanks to your advice. Hector walks beautifully on the lead, no more pulling. He now ignores other dogs on walks and even looks for praise from us after he has passed them. It's like he now understands what we want from him. He is so much better with visitors and we choose

when he can introduce himself not him. He runs to his bed and waits when someone knocks on the door. We use your tips everyday and we all use the same directions. Only the other day he was off lead on our driveway when another off lead dog ran across the road barking at him and he looked at it and I said sit. Which he did while the owner grabbed her dog and apologised. Hector is now a dog to be proud of and I enjoy every minute with him instead of dreading walking him or taking him at 6 in the morning to avoid other dogs. I still think we can improve more as time passes but we are so pleased with the outcome. Thank you for all your help." Emma Evans, Wrexham

Hi Peter, quick update on Teddy.

The difference in our house is phenomenal. Ted is doing so well with the door control and he now automatically waits for permission to go through, his recall is brilliant (now) and he rarely shows any interest in the gate now. The (new) diet is working for all three and has diminished any aggression between the dogs. We have a calm and happy household. Thank you so much, I’ve already recommended you to two people who are contacting you. What an amazing experience this has been.

Amanda and Darren. Audenshaw, Manchester.  (Teddy is a two year old Shorkie Shih Tsu X Yorkshire Terrier, he was barking and growling at visitors, he would jump at and snap at hands, particularly as the visitor left and were shutting the gate he would lunge at their hands on the gate latch. They were having a real problem getting him to come in from the garden, particularly last thing at night.)

Hi Peter, just wanted to say thank you for yesterday it was brilliant, Ian was fascinated with what you had to say and was disappointed when he had to leave for work. I know its early days but I'm sure it has changed our lives for the better. I have had Mossy (Five-year old Patterdale Terrier) on his morning walk and we have seen plenty of dogs, cats and squirrels and he was good as gold. Thanks again, The Taylors, Manchester


Hi Peter, hope you are well. Just a quick update on Frankie since you visited with him. We followed all your advice without any difficulties, changed his food - he now eats it as soon as it is in his bowl! We had him neutered ( our vet was still not convinced it was the thing to do because of him being timid ) and the best news is that Frankie has not cocked his leg indoors for 3 weeks! Hopefully this means that we are heading for success with him. Many thanks for your help. Ian and Deb Oakes Stoke on Trent

Hi It's Aimee with Summer and Honey (working Cocker Spaniels), just a heads up to say things are already looking positive, door control is nearly perfect, the stop word is definitely effective and I've just had summer off lead in the field responding beautifully - she even heard a pheasant and listened to the stop word. I'm so pleased I can see the light....fantastic training. Aimee (Corwen)

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your time on Saturday it was genuinely an astonishing experience!

Everything you said made sense and gave us clarity. 

Zela is now a completely different dog, still loving and friendly but now she know's who's the boss!

We have changed her feed and taken on board all your recommendations and we know we will keep this up as we know it makes complete sense and much fairer to her!

We really appreciate your help and will be in touch again if we have any questions.

I have already passed on your details to two friends who are having issues with their dogs, and they want to come and see the fruits of your work.

Once again thank you so much,

Dan, Claire, Eloise, Oliver & Zela  (Birkenhead CH43)

Peter,  Thank you for all the help you have given us over your 2 visits. Knowing you are there to contact if we have any further problems is very reassuring.  As you know, we are now feeding the recommended diet which is going brilliantly. We hardly need to wash the dishes they are so clean. Walks are, now, more of a pleasure than before, after the introduction of the correction. What a simple, but effective method! When Eric sees a dog now, he is, more likely to look at us than create and bark. He isn’t 100%, we know he is a work in progress, but we can see things are moving in the right direction. He is more relaxed when visitors come.

 All in all your visits have been a great success, both interesting and informative. You have taken a lot of stress out of walks and having visitors.     Martin, Karen and Rebecca Cooper. (Dronfield. Cheshire)


Hi Peter - hope you're well. Just thought I'd e-mail you with an update on how Vinnie (Weimaraner) is doing.

 He is doing fantastic when we are out walking!! I've even took him out on my own with no problems!!Unfortunately he now has (picked up) kennel cough so we have been advised by the vet not to take him out which is a shame but hoping to get him out by the end of this week as his cough is starting to settle.

Thank you again so much for all your help you've really made us enjoy our dog again which is what we were so desperate for.

Kirsty & David Cook (Hinckley, Leics)


Hi Peter, just thought I'd let you know that the boys are still behaving themselves... most of the time!  the change in their behaviour towards other dogs is absolutely amazing!  We took them to the kennels a couple of weeks ago and usually they are really hard to control this time though they didn't bat an eye lid!  Going out for walks is now a pleasure even James is impressed!  Snoopy stills gets a little bit grumpy with slinky sometimes but we know how to stop it before it escalates and he now has a separate bed that he goes to if he wants to be apart from slinky.  Thanks so much for all your help  
Best wishes      Alison and James  (Derby)


Hi Peter
Just wanted to let you know how amazed I am at the difference in Alfie already now you trained us to communicate with him!
I have taken him out on two walks and cannot believe the difference already, no pulling and we even managed to walk past big distractions like dogs! Without a fuss.
We all keep laughing about the things we use to do and get no where with Alfie, your techniques are so simple and easy to do, thanks very much we will keep you informed of our progress.
Regards..... Debbie Walsh (Lichfield)

Hello Peter,  We love our new dog!!!


I walked her this morning and she did exactly what she was taught yesterday. There was no desire to chase birds, no trying to approach passers by to jump up, and only a minor attempt to get at two dogs which resulted three corrections, this having the desired effect. I said to Margaret on my return; that I had taken the "lead for a walk"

The door training also worked this morning when our neighbour (who knows all) came calling and two corrections were made with the desired result. I then opened the door to him, had a conversation and said goodbye whilst Sophie sat behind me. (That has never happened before). She is already calmer and for the first time in her life is actually resting after her meal.


I will keep you informed of the progress. THANK YOU AGAIN. Marg & Phil Grosvenor. (Kingswinford, West Midlands)

Peter, I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how we are getting on following your work with us last Monday.  By the next day there were already improvements, in all areas.  We have focussed this week on: doors, walking to heel and the car anxiety/chasing, using the correction and praise, there are very marked improvements already.  ALSO I have read 2 books on the recommended diet and internet searched and Poppy is now fully converted! We have a calmer and more satisfied dog who has virtually stopped barking at passers by as she no longer has to guard our foodstuffs as we now have enough to go round!!! Thank you for an excellent day last week, putting us on the right path to a happy, well-behaved (and well fed) dog. Yours,  judith.

(Swarkston, Derby)


Hi Peter, Just thought I'd drop u an email, even thou its only been 5 days since u came to see Rubens and myself. We are absolutely amazed in the change in Rubens, it's like having a new dog!!! We have changed his food as discussed and that itself has made him so much more content and happy, he's not bounding around like a nutter!!

Walking is a dream!!!  Even my daughter is happy to take him now, he's still wrestling a bit with the lead but not as bad as he was, and barking at the door is down to 2 barks (we'll get there). Still got work to do but we are thrilled, it's amazing.

Thank you so much, will be in touch in again. Andrea & Tony Long   (Tamworth)


Hi Peter, Thank you very much for your visit today – just to let you know that after his afternoon meal we had a little training session in the back garden, then a completely civilised walk along the canal; loose lead all the way! Just a few (very tentative) takeover attempts (stalled!) and no jumping up or biting! Thanks again,  Regards Rachel Rachel Mayer Trentham, Stoke


A Text I received from my client Jan Davis of Church Gresley Hi Peter thank you so much for your help today. We have had the most peaceful afternoon in 7 weeks. Dad went out shopping and on his return Charlie didn’t bark once! Koko is much happier and calmer. We will keep up all of the methods you have shown us. Many many thanks jan davis and family.


This is a transcript of a voice mail left by a client of mine: Hello Peter, it’s Mr and Mrs Cole From Grantham—you came to look at our dog “Sammy” just giving you a ring to let you know how pleased we are with what you done. He’s improved 100% since you came not only in his behaviour but we’ve altered his diet to what you suggested and he’s doing really well and not scratching hardly at all. We’re so pleased with what you’ve done, thank you , it’s money well spent. Bye.



hi Peter, just wanted to say a big thank you for your training with Tia.  she was brilliant tonight when  I took her out for her walk.  we managed to pass about 6 dogs without any pulling or barking and even managed to stand and have a chat with someone out with his dog which was actually jumping up at me.  I was so proud of her today. cant thank you enough. worth every penny and so glad you made the journey to help us. 

kind regards Sandra and Graeme Coats ( and Tia of course) (Rotherham)


I received this text from my client Nicola Lemster of Market Drayton, Shropshire

Hi Peter, It’s Nicola Lemster, just to let you know that the dogs are doing great, we have been out everyday practising what you taught us and it’s working really well. Sadie still needs a bit of extra work but your methods are amazing. Thank you so much for everything it will make my life so much easier without the worry and stress of dogs that pull and don’t listen. I’m more positive with the dogs now and clearer with commands. Thank you again.


This is the original enquiry from Helen Brain: Hi, I have a 15 month old Bichon who seems out of control. He is never aggressive towards us, but he constantly seeks attention...and will do everything to get it! He scratches legs, barks if I ignore him, steals things he knows he shouldn't just to make me chase him, and if I dont...he chews it up. My leather sofa has been eaten, the mail is snatched from the letterbox before I reach it, and he thinks and behaves like a child. He is very loving but follows me around the house causing havoc and thinking everything is a game. I also have a 4 year old miniature poodle who is so laid back, sleeps all day, and is contented with a pat on the head and a warm bed. If I give him any fuss, the Bichon pushes him out the way and swings on his ears. I found your site while hunting for help sites, firstly, can you end his bad behaviour? Secondly, do you have classes or home visit? And lastly, how much are your fees?
With regards, Helen Brain......... And after ONE SESSION.....: I would just like to say a big THANK YOU. our lives were blighted by barking, scratching, chewed furniture. The following day of your visit, I only had to correct him a few times and when we had visitors, he went to his basket to lie down....he has never used his bed, he just ate it previously! No barking at the mail, no scratching my legs, no mad whizzes!! THANK YOU. Helen Brain. Tipton West Midlands


Peter, We would like to say a huge thank you for help today. Chester is a little sulky, but a completely different dog.
We have hardly had any biting or jumping since you left, and getting his attention when he's doing wrong is fantastic and he's listening! We will be purchasing a (the recommended) training collar and lead tomorrow, so we will then start on the lead walking. Your advice was simple and common sense, and hopefully will be easy to put into practice.
I have not been enjoying Chester's company lately, but as of today, I feel things are about to get so much better.
Again thank you for showing us we can have the dog we want.
Well keep up updated on his progress
Many thanks Shell and Mark Etching Hill, Staffordshire

Peter, Chester seems to be enjoying the new discipline, he's more calm and content, and obviously enjoying the extra food (that was suggested), which is more varied! And we are also enjoying a happier contented dog!
Please feel free to place any of my comments on your website. Shell

hi peter just to say a big thank you for your help with dogs, went to caravan last weekend .they were brill.. never moaned on the way down. good in van .brill on leads; walk like pro’s, everyone said how well behaved they are lol, They are good at home the garden correction worked on belle she never bothered after again after. they are just brilliant thank you cath jim edwards MANSFIELD


Just a little update since your help with the dogs .we have noticed that they no longer chew there vet bed .which has saved us pounds things still going well .could you send me some of your business cards if you get the chance. We can not believe the diferance you made. cath jim edwards MANSFIELD


Some of the original email from my client Pam Clarke:

Hi, hope you may be able to help me, I have a nearly 3 years old JRT and a nearly 2 years Collie x Greyhound.
The JRT is from a breeder and has been diagnosed since May last year with Epilepsey but at 14 weeks he encountered one of our cats who lashed out at him and damaged one of his eyes, since then he is obsessed with trying to get to the cats who live upstairs, he barks and jumps when he sees them. He goes mad when he hears the gate and if anyone comes to the door he goes beserk, jumpimg and barking and scratching the door. On walks he pulls, lunges at other dogs and barks or snarls so mostly we muzzle him for walks. He is constantly attention seeking and barely leaves the other dog alone.

Lots going on I know, and probably mostly our fault but as my mobility decreases it seems more important to deal with the issues as I only want them to be calm and happy, I am sure that this bad behaviour in the JRT is unsettling for both the dogs.

I look forward to speaking with you......and shortly after working with her......


Hi Peter, just a brief note to thank you for your help and advice yesterday.
Giz has been excellent, I hoovered for the first time this morning with him in the same room folllowing the hoover, only 2 corrections needed for brief yaps, I have swept the patio, no corrections needed, and the best one of all is that the stair gate has been open most of the day and after a couple of corrections he merely walks past the stairs with a brief sideways glance. We are truely amazed and are determind to carry on with the work.
Once again, many thanks
Pam    Pam Clarke, Tamworth


Hi Peter, only me, again..… just to say Giz had a walk today and only needed a few corrections but the best thing was he didn't bark at anyone or anything, amazing, also when someone comes to the door he just goes to his bed without being told, no barking and he stays there till I call him out......when I remember, oops    Pam    Pam Clarke, Tamworth


Peter, we would like to say thank you very much for your help yesterday—things are 90% better! We are both working very hard and the results are wonderful! I can hardly believe the difference 24 hours has made. Best wishes, Kate and Paddy (the dog).x Kate King. Dordon, Tamworth


After Kate had put in a month of practice I received this text message.


Hello Peter—just had to get in touch to say how well your training methods have worked for us—we have just returned from a long walk full of exciting things—cyclists, dogs, etc. and it all went without a hitch, no lead and a nice relaxed well behaved boy. Thank you SO much best wishes Kate and Paddy (Dordon, Tamworth)



Below is a slightly edited email from Denise and Geoff of Telford, Shropshire.

Hello, We were wondering how much your initial consultation fee was. We have a boisterous 21 month old Labrador puppy.  He did at one time do as he was told but lately has taken to ignoring us unless it suits him or we have treats. Friends and family say that he is acting out like a naughty child but unfortunately we have never had kids so we don’t know how to react and never had a puppy before. He has a lovely nature and when asleep other than his snoring he’s wonderful but awake he’s into everything and turning a deaf ear.

Other issues: Barks at visitors. Jumps up. Paws. Pulls on the lead.

He’s taken to getting stuff off the kitchen table. Today while my husband was bending down he weed on him (1st time).

He is a very bright dog and loving but needs some training and we need help to learn the right techniques to ensure our dog’s safety and everybody’s happiness. We are based in Telford our contact number is *********** after 6.30pm.

 Hoping you can help.

 Denise & Geoff Wright & Jethro                          This lovely email came in a few days after working with them:


Hi Pete, Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your advice, help and support with educating Jethro, Geoff and me... or should I say Me, Geoff and Jethro (pack order). We are now feeding Jethro as suggested. We got a crate tonight and Geoff is putting it together tomorrow.  Jethro is responding well and is a lot quieter, I've only had a pawing twice since Sunday amazing.....My Dad and his wife popped round on Sunday after you had gone and they were shocked they couldn't believe the difference.

Thank you for giving us all a second chance to be a family and to have the loyal, loving, well behaved dog we had always dreamed of...Your a star.… Cheers.

Denise, Geoff and Jethro x              P.S. you can use any of this email on your website as customer feedback 


This is the original email from my client, Louise:


I have a 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier who as a pup was not allowed out at the correct age due to the vets giving her the incorrect injection, hence she want allowed out for approx 20 weeks. She is now afraid of other dogs – apart from 1 dog she grew up with. She growls at other dogs in the vets, I let her of her lead and she just growls at other dogs if they come near her, however if she is on her lead she tends to bark in their face. She is like this with certain people too. She is terrified of fireworks and barks at other dogs walking past the house and any other noise she hears. I do hope you can help us as I love my dog so much it is heart breaking seeing her go through this. I live in Cheshire but would travel to cure her if need be.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Louise..............And after 1 session…. Hi Peter, I Just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday and how pleasant it was working with you. Connie is already a changed dog and I cannot thank you enough.  Many thanks.

Louise (Manchester)


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. Both me and Thomas got out of the door with no problems this morning, totally amazing. {Buddy was biting, attacking and wouldn’t let them out} Kelly, Thomas and Buddy.