Firstly, rest assured, I work only with Dog behavioural issues, I don’t need to dabble in everything to do with dogs. I have helped over Two Thousand dogs with behavioural issues in the Fourteen or so years that I've been doing this. I’m not a dog walker, therapy or assistance dog trainer. I don’t offer holiday boarding kennels, home pet sitting services or do home boarding of dogs (anyone who does should carry insurance and must registered with their local authority). I don’t offer: grooming or medical services. I do however, specialise in helping you to understand and overcome your dog's behavioural issues. I am a certified dog first aider. 

I commonly hear: "I've tried everything"; "my dog won't listen"; "I've done the training classes and it isn't helping" or "the training classes don't seem relevant to my dog's issues".   I know how they feel - I've been there! I used to walk my dogs very early or late to avoid other people and dogs, walking in the rain and dark. Something I no longer have to do. I now say: "CHANGE YOUR YOUR DOG'S BEHAVIOUR - NOT YOUR LIFESTYLE"  


I offer a different approach, based on what dogs understand - not on what humans think they should understand. I don't believe that dogs do things to annoy us, there is always a deeper reason for their behaviour; understanding and addressing the cause alongside reshaping the behaviour with simple communication, based on sound behavioural learning is usually the best way forward.  It is very rewarding when your dog responds, however, there is no magic wand: a change in their behaviour can happen quickly but you need to put in some work to make it stick.      


Hi Peter I can't believe a week has gone and such a difference in a dog, she is much happier and calmer, walking to heel much better. We had a dog running from a car, straight across the road into her face and her reaction was a slight growl, (previously the dog would react aggressively to any dog in her face and even on sight at a distance!). Thanks very much for the advice, will keep in touch Malcolm and Jane Caernarfon.


I can help if your dog exhibits any of the following behaviours, or anything else:

  • Sits in the window barking at people or dogs passing your house?

  • Attacks the post as it comes through the letterbox?

  • Decides when you can/can’t cuddle your other half?

  • Growl at you if you dare to touch them or move them off the sofa?

  • Digs holes in your garden?

  • Separation Anxiety (bark, toilet or be destructive when left)?

  • Pull on the lead?

  • Recall (Not come back when called)?

  • Show aggression to other dogs or people?

  • Jump all over you or visitors? 

  • Chase cats, cars, bikes or joggers?

  • Jump, scratch or bark at doors?

  • Steal and guard items from you?

  • Or is your dog just a bit of a handful and you need guidance.

  • Maybe a new puppy or rescue dog and you would like advice to get on the right track.


So If your dog is no longer a pleasure to own, don't change your lifestyle to suit your dog's behaviour....let me show you how to change your dog's behaviour to suit your lifestyle. Go to the CONTACT page and get in touch. 

If you decide to go ahead, we'll set a date and I will come to your home, this allows me to see and work with your dog in its normal natural environment. Once your dog is responding to the training, you will need to practise the training and techniques shown for a short time each day over the following few weeks. You will be given a training/information pack covering the main points of the session to help you continue in the way you have been shown.

I COME TO YOU and all training is done in your home and local area. With dog aggression or other dog to dog problems I can bring a dog or dogs with me for the training session (by arrangement) providing the weather allows me to have them in my car.

  • We'll begin with a chat - even the most experienced owner or handler can learn something new about dog training - I try to every day.

  • The session is usually practical training (depending on the issues), giving you the tools you need to fix your dog.

  • Natural approach My methods are non physical, I do not hit, smack, or use prong, choke collars, electric shock or spray collars.

  • My techniques do not hurt the dog, I never ask a dog to do anything unnatural, unreasonable or painful.

  • Behaviour and Rehabilitation therapy is based on sound canine psychological principles that are effective in almost all cases. I believe dogs need to know what is right, so lots of positive reinforcement is used. However. we also need to let them know what is wrong.

  • You will see an improvement in your dog’s behaviour while I’m there, consistently practise what I show you and it will last.

  • I give free phone/email advice and support to all my clients for as long as they want it.



AREAS COVERED FOR PERSONAL DOG TRAINING and BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY.   I cover the whole of North Wales and Mid Wales (Conwy, Flintshire, Denbighshire Wrexham, Gwynedd Powys and Anglesey. Rhuthin, Llangollen, Mold Welshpool, Osweatry Caernarfon and Bangor,), Cheshire, Chester, Manchester and Liverpool, The Wirral, Birkenhead, Stockport and Warrington region, Shropshire, Staffordshire and West Midlands.

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